We are confident and have pride in the training services we provide. Clients attend our training courses for expert advice and knowledge that can be instantly implemented in the workplace. Our participants leave with greater confidence in their ability to achieve their professional and personal goals.

We assure you that you will find training that meets your objectives in this profile.

The following are answers to questions we are frequently asked about The Management House Africa.


What Services do you provide?

We offer a wide selection of Training Programmes that take place regularly within and outside Nigeria. We can also provide all our programmes and more on an in-house basis, including Training Needs Analysis and the development of Bespoke Training Courses.


How do I book?

You can book through any of the following:

Call our telephone lines, Tel  +2348033171736 & +2347025488552




How to pay?

We accept cheque, bank draft, cash or direct bank transfer.

What are the components of the course fee?

All our course fee covers:

  • Course material
  • Coffee/Tea break
  • Lunch
  • Certificate
  • Group photograph


Where are courses held?

Our courses are held within and outside Nigeria


When do the courses start and finish?

Registration for all our courses starts at 9.00am and finish between 4.00pm and 5.00pm each day.


What are the lunch and refreshment arrangement?

Lunch is provided within the one hour break scheduled between 12.00 and 1.00pm. Refreshments are provided throughout the day.


How will the training be delivered?

Delegate numbers are strictly limited on each course so that there is a high level of interaction and ample opportunities to discuss individual circumstances.

The tutor’s aim is to facilitate learning rather than lecture.

We have found this to be a very successful way to make our courses both relevant and memorable. They are also fun.



To get full value from our wide range of programmes, we provide comprehensive analysis services. The aim is to ensure the training and development of people in organizations contribute to that organization achieving its goals and targets.


Our 5 stage approach involves

Stage 1:

  • Establishing the key priorities for the organization
  • Understanding the goals and targets
  • Taking the view from the top current broad training and development needs·

Reviewing existing data-performance review/appraisals, for example.


Stage 2:

Looking at the training and development needs of teams within the organization using stage 1 as a backup


Stage 3:

  • Using stage 1 & 2 as backup
  • Surveying the T&D needs of individual, using appropriate survey techniques
  • Challenging individuals on their needs to ensure that they align with what the organization wants to achieve.


Step 4:

  • Conducting individual meetings to agree on individual precise training and development needs and how they might be met.
  • Determining criteria by which action to meet training and development needs will be evaluated when learning is applied to the workplace.


Step 5

  • Collating the data into an overall training and development needs analysis
  • Making recommendations about the best way to meet those needs, matching them to our programmes where appropriate.
  • Feeding the recommendations back
  • Agreeing to a training and development plan.
  • Making recommendations for the follow up on training and development activity to ensure that learning is transferred to performance.
  • Making recommendations for the evaluation of the effectiveness of training and development resulting from the plan.

Our approach ensures that the investment in human development is maximized and that the most appropriate methods of training and development are used. We don’t hesitate to recommend ways of developing people that don’t involve off the job training. If that is the best way of a person’s learning and becoming more effective.